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About Sapphire Women Foundation

Our story

Our Story

Sapphire Women Foundation was established out of empathy and challenges faced by women due to relationship breakdown. Some close relatives of mine (women) had broken relationship for no obvious reasons. The most exceptional case which brought me to asking questions was a cousin who thought that her marriage was free of deception, unfortunately, it turned out that the marriage was built on lies and dishonesty. Nene was an industrious woman, a devoted wife and a loving mum, who invested not just resources, but her entire life into her marriage. Nene and her husband invested in a project which was meant to be for the family, due to her tight schedules she never had the opportunity to travel for inspection of this project. Based on trust, she allowed her husband to carry on with the task.

In 2008, as usual, Nene’s husband went on a journey for the final phase of the project. Few days after his arrival, Nene phoned, a strange female voice came through; Nene thought that perhaps it was a wrong number. Unaware to Nene was that her husband was not returning back and as a matter of fact, her marriage was at the verge of breaking up. When Nene finally got her husband on the phone, he simply told Nene that he was no longer interested in the relationship. Nene was devastated and in great shock, she was in an immense confused state when she phoned me, I realised that due to the manner in which she spoke.

I had to call at Nene’s immediately. The only word that she could say was WHY ME? I could visualise this intense pain written on her. For days Nene could not eat, sleep nor think straight. She was unable to care for herself let alone the children, she was totally incapacitated. While Nene was going through the toughest period of her life, I thought it appropriate to find organisations that offered free support to women like Nene on coping mechanisms. Even though my search was unproductive, today; Nene has recovered through the support of friends and family, and living a happy and fulfilled life once again. Sapphire Women Foundation was established to support and empower women like Nene to RISE and SHINE.

Our Belief

The basis for Sapphire Women Foundation is to tackle the challenges attached to relationship breakdown. SWF knows how difficult it is to discover that you are suddenly alone. It can be a devastating moment even for the strongest woman.

Relationship breakdown can leave a woman with unsolicited responsibilities which otherwise would have been shouldered by both parties. Most women said that the breakdown of their relationship was the worst thing that had ever happened to them. Based on our core belief, that relationship breakdown should not determine any woman’s future, we therefore intervene timely through counselling, support group, workshop and much more. We are very much aware that when support is given, especially from the onset, the healing process becomes faster, creating a positive outcome. Sapphire Women Foundation reaches out to all women experiencing relationship breakdown irrespective of belief system.

Our Belief


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